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World Icons: Encylopedia Britannica Print Edition (Or As Ted Mosby Says, "Encyclopædia")

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Nowadays, if you want to know something, Wikipedia will give you the answer in seconds. Less than a second, even, depending on your internet connection speed.

But back in the day, before Wikipedia, if I wanted to know something, it took me at least an hour.

One time, I wanted to learn something about "Ireland". I headed to our bookshelf and pulled down Volume 21 of the Macropædia.

To write "æ", type Alt+145.
Alt+146 for uppercase.

As you can see, "Ireland" is the last entry in the book. But whenever I did my research, I never jumped directly to the subject I was looking for. I would pass "India", "Indiana", "Innocent (Pope)", and "Ipswich", among others, before I got to "Ireland".

Researching might have taken a lot longer back then. But I got smarter by quite a few subjects more. And I regretted nothing.

I've also just realized since we aren't a British-influenced country, shouldn't we have had the Encyclopædia Americana instead?

The Encyclopædia Britannica can also be used as seat-raisers (like what you put under a kid who sits down in a chair that's too big), for punishing kids (by making them balance a book on both hands while letting them kneel on rock salt), and for making tunnels and bridges for your toy cars.

If only I had the cash, I would totally buy the last printed edition (2010) right now, if only for sentimental reasons.

"Buy us, you sentimental fool."

Encyclopædia Britannica Print Edition. 1768 - 2012.


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