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The Vampire Diaries. Season 3, Episode 17: "Break On Through"

This is why no one ever succeeds in killing Damon.

This episode showcased our elder Salvatore brother's strengths: the tactless statements, realistic life outlook, flirty gestures, a little bit of rage, and some human compassion. Don't you just love this guy?

But the real highlight of this episode is hopefor Elena and Bonnie's friendship, for Jeremy's normal life (and for his return, though I dare say), for Alaric's mental health, for the Damon and Stefan's brotherhood, for Stefan and Elena's love (darn it!), for Stefan's self-control, and... getting rid of The Originals. I wonder what would Damon do after/if everything else falls into place.

Caroline's scolding of Jamie made me miss our Aussie bad-ass; Klaus, more. Now that there's a real threat (again; and credible threats of Original vampires' demise don't come around too often) to the hybrid and all other Originals (oh no, please, not Elijah!), would the writers really kill them all off?

*screencap by VLC


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