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Music Icons: Karl Roy


When I first heard of Karl Roy, I was in first year high school (or seventh grade, I don't really remember), and I thought Roy was his second name, like John Paul. I also remember the ever-catchy lines ♪Sige na people / let's get on down / sige na, sige na, sige na, sige na-haaa♫ from the song "Yugyugan Na". It was only in college when I realized, "Wait a minute... P.O.T. spells 'pot'! As in 'marijuana'! I see what you did there!"

Wait... are those flowers on top datura inoxia?

Although I am not that familiar with his Advent Call days, I believe Karl Roy's best work was with Kapatid. Honestly, I think his vocals would work well with heavy electronica. Also, he kind of reminds me of the insane white boy from The Prodigy.

Above: Caucasian Karl Roy

Karl Roy, by the way, is the brother of Kevin Roy, the lead singer of Razorback, and the first cousin of Judd Roy, one of the defense attorneys for the impeachment case against Supreme Court Chief Justice Corona. I'm not sure if he was related to Jay Roy, one of the hip-hop guys from my high school. He is survived by his spouse Dena Roy and his daughter Arriana.

Before we go, here's one last look at Karl Roy, thanks to our friends from Rogue Magazine and Pelicola.tv.

Requiescat in pace Karl Roy. The best scat man in the Philippines. (Are they called "scat men" or "scatters"?)

Karl Roy. 25 May 1968 ─ 13 March 2012.


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