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Cowboys & Aliens

At last, another one of 'em originals!

Thanks in part to this duck!
Well at least I thought it was. Turns out Jon Favreau adapted it from a graphic novel.

Nowadays, Hollywood's just gettin' lazier and lazier when it gets down to comin' up with original scripts.

They even made an amusement park adaptation.
Which helped get this guy set for about 50 lifetimes.

So it's quite refreshin' to see a movie like this one. It's also very pleasing to once again see a way-past-his-prime Han Solo smirking on the silver screen.

I think the last time I saw him on screen was in Hollywood Homicide.
Otherwise, this dude did a cameo in 500 Days of Summer

Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) is the epitome of a cowboy! He's a cow-MAN (no homo)!

Even if her did a brokeback threesome with these two,
any may would still be the gay one when compared to Lonergan.

I believe the indians in this movie made Lonergan drink mescaline which made him recover from his amnesia caused by the aliens.

But for some reason, this was what Craig saw.
Though it wasn't shown in the movie.
As for Sam Rockwell, well, a goody-two-shoe'd
bartender just doesn't appeal to me much.

7.5 is the rating for this flick.
Plus 0.5 for Harrison Ford just bein' there, acting like a true cowboy colonel!

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The Bob Dylan gif is way too trippy. Haha.

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