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Suits. Episode 5: "Bail Out"

Mike Ross doesn't know the lyrics to the Harvard song. That's okay. I don't know the lyrics to "UP Naming Mahal" either. And we all know UP is like the Harvard of the Philippines.

When I say UP is like Harvard, I mean Diliman.

Mike bails Trevor out of jail. But he should've cut that anchor loose a long time ago.

We have a David v. Goliath legal battle here. (Wouldn't it be cool if there really was a Supreme Court case like "John David v. Goliath National Bank"?) And I'm talking about an immigrant cab driver, representing himself, going against the Goliath that is Harvey Specter. And unlike the Bible story, Goliath destroys David. But grants him mercy. How nice.

The cab driver's got nothing on the hair.

Back to Trevor. Harvey Specter steps in, but only so Mike Ross can give his friend a one-way ticket to Montana. And with the anchor out of town, it looks like smooth sailing from here.

Also, I love the Mike Ross doll. Especially the hair.

It's even got the green eyes.

*some info from IMDb
pics from UP and VLC


Oh, just learn the lyrics to "UP Namin Mahal" so your story checks out. ;D

I want the doll.

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