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Suits. Episode 2: "Errors and Omissions"

I'd just like to say that I'm not really into this show's opening credits. It's like... meh.

Anyway, this episode deals with intellectual property law. You know, patents and stuff. So now you know what to do when someone beats you to a patent.

And that is... play tennis with your boss.

You've got to admire Mike Ross and his voracious reading. I mean, I read a lot. But sometimes it takes me more than one reading for the information to truly sink in. This guy absorbs information like a sponge. Brilliant. Also, hooray for getting high.

"So Burkina Fasso is... here?"

Louis, I think, is probably gay. He never wears a towel in the showers. And he has this certain facial expression. Also, he's unmarried. Although these are not enough to come to the conclusion that he is definitely gay, I'd bet on it. Except I don't bet.

"You know it, bro."

And hooray to Harvey Specter, for showing us that judges are not as pristine and immaculate as we think they are. They're human, too. And humans can go down. Hard.

*some info from IMDb
pics from VLC


I like their OBB's music. Very corporate-playful and suit-stylish. ;)

After watching the Game of Thrones OBB, nothing is good anymore.

GoT has a great OBB, too. And totally different from this one! You need a little bit of imagination with this show's OBB, you know. It could surprise you. Hehe.

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