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Suits. Episode 9: "Undefeated"

The cancer case. Emerson Petroleum v. Employees and Alumni of Apple Creek High School. But it's more than just that, really. It's Harvey Specter v. Travis Tanner. And in case you didn't know, the one with Michael Jordan on his speed dial wins.

Also, the one with the best hair.

And the other story in this episode: someone leaked a witness list to a rival firm. Turns out to be Rachel. Who was framed up. By Louis. Only it wasn't Louis Litt.

Three guesses as to who it was. 

So Specter gets a settlement for $2M a plaintiff, Travis Tanner flies his shit-eating grin back to Boston, and Rachel Zane gets re-hired... with a raise.

Plus an apology from Louis Litt.

And the pop culture reference for this episode: Terminator.

"Sarah Connor?"

*some info from IMDb
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