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Suits. Episode 4: "Dirty Little Secrets"

The alternate title for this episode is "Bedbugs and Ex-Husbands That Look Like Dr. Dre".

Or maybe a cross between Dre and John Legend.

So now they have two cases. First is the Bedbugs case, which is Mike Ross's first. A housing problem. Eviction, I think. Anyway, that vixen lawyer Vivian Tinaka is hot.

Evil. But hot.

And then we have Harvey's Ex-Husband case. This involves drugs, and not the illegal kind. Pharmaceutical drugs. And whose ex-husband is it? Jessica Pearson's. She used to be married. And speaking of marriage, I love the scene where Mike and Rachel pretend to be husband and wife. Ooh. Meghan Markle is so hot.

You can see it in their pretentious smiles.

*some info from IMDb
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