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Voltron Force. Episode 1

There seems to be a resurgence in everything 80s right now. And this is probably one of the better ones. Although the animation is not as good as the new Thundercats. But unlike Thundercats, this isn't a reboot. It's a continuation.

Yes, that's Keith. Retaining his mullet from the eighties.

So there's actually a Galactic Alliance academy. The new characters are actually cadets there. And there's one new black character.

Not to be racist, but the whole old crew was white.

So far, there's only two new characters. And all the guys in the old crew are here. So where are the girls? Where's Princess Allura? Probably in Episode 2.

*pics from VLC


Teluete said...

Oh god, this looks fugly. I don;t think I want to watch it at all.

Yes, the animation is meh. But watch it, you know, for science. :))

Agree about the animation. Also, the opening music is really out of synch. Story is interesting though. ;D

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