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Suits. Episode 3: "Inside Track"

Cars. Fast cars. Formula 1 engines. McKernon Motors, to be exact. Although Google says it's not a real engine company. Obviously. I think it's a ripoff of McLaren.

Even the colors match the Silver Arrow.

Oh, so Suits is on Twitter. Oh-kay.

Finally, Harvey Specter gives a fist bump. Boo-yah.

He just looks so adorable.

Things are starting to get complicated. Mike and Rachel go out for dinner, although I'm not sure it can be classified as a "date". And also, Mike kissess his ex-best friend's ex. I guess you could say he kissed his ex's ex. Which would sound weird if it were in a different context.

I would pick Rachel over the other girl any day.

*some info from IMDb
pics from VLC


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