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Suits. Episode 1: "Pilot"

Thanks to a friend, who recommended it from a friend.

Anybody who ever dreamed of becoming a lawyer, or anybody who seriously wants to become a lawyer, or anybody who's taking up law, or anyone who's already a lawyer─this show is for you.

So what's it about? Lawyers, of course. And all the dirty underhanded tactics that go with being one. The title is actually a play on the word "suit", which can mean both a lawsuit and an Armani.

"My suit is better than yours."

This is of course about Rookies and Pros, about Masters and Apprentices. And also about chicks. Yup, the legal world is full of chicks.

All the chicks from Episode 1 alone.
And yes, if it came to it, I would tap that black African-American ass.

So if you want to be a lawyer, better learn to play chess like one. And by chess, I mean real, live chess. Like reading people, and pressing where it hurts.

This also includes tips on dealing
with douchebag lawyers like him.

I loved The Godfather and Batman references. (Strangely, no one wants to be Christian Bale. Probably because these guys are American.)

One thing I learned here: it is possible to smoke pot and still retain your brilliance. But sooner or later, you'd have to stop, of course. But it still is possible. Kind of reminds me of someone.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, on to the second episode.

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