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Sucker Punch

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Look, let's just get this out of the way. Not every story within a story within a story movie fares lower than Inception. I love Inception (even got into a fight because of it) but firstly, it wasn't the one who gave birth to the story within a story within a story structure. Secondly, I don't think it should be held as a bar for other movies who would love to that form. That's just so silly I'm not expounding because you should take it for a fact and let me swoon.

Fuck yeah, Sucker Punch! A movie every girl and guy who's not lame enough to enjoy a good ass-kicking would enjoy. Scratch that─have bazillions of orgasms to. This is why I have no fucking idea why the reviews in the interwebs are scoring this low. What? You want boobs rather than cleavage? What? You were actually expecting some sort of Inception-like plot because it's a story within a fucking story? Are you fucking kidding me? Did you even watch the trailer? You're supposed to fucking watch it because it's eye-candy, not because it is, like *start bimbo voice* y'know like *end bimbo voice*, deep. (By the way, yes, after watching Sucker Punch, it makes me say... and think... "fuck" a lot.) That's like asking xXx or The Fast and the Furious to teach you moral lessons or something. Seriously. What kind of a poser are you?

Yes, this is how low scores affect me. Haha. Because it's just so... orgasmic. Yes, this is probably a repeat of other action-driven films you have exposed yourself to, but this does not make it any less worthy of your time. It is so purteeh. The landscape, the goth, the steampunk-ness of it all. It's just breathtaking. It's a video game-anime-fantasy-sci-fi-shit mashed into Watchmen and 300. Close-ups! Steady, (emphasize on) not shaky sweeps of the camera! The action scenes! And of course! I think I just saw Vanessa Hudgens do a River Tam move there. Although I wish her axe was much much bigger.

Whaaat? I'm a little girl. I like to compensate for my lack of penis with giant weapons.

Well no, not really. I think having a dick is kind of a hassle. I can only imagine it swaying here and there... And oh, the trouble you have to go to cover an arousal... Where were we?

Oh. I think this is the point where I should probably be talking about the movie's feminism. Or lack of it.

Now we can go on and on about scantily-clad hot chicks murdering the enemy with such wonderful flair and how it does not construe feminism. But Sucker Punch isn't really a notable forefront for that discussion. Ever since old school Charlie's Angels (or any earlier example that anyone out there can think for me), we have been having that discussion already: it's not really girl power, it's disguised sexism. Exploitation of sexual harassment, too. As for now, I doubt any discussion on popular culture's dealings with these issues will end with this movie. So I think it's actually futile to debate about it. Still, I just need to mention it because well, one, it just hammers girl power too much. And two, even though I believe the movie still adheres to patriarchy (especially since Baby Blond and the gang still need guidance from a fatherly figure, Charlie of Charlie's Angels), I actually felt empowered watching these little girls kick ass. As shallow as it may be, you really have to start off somewhere in feeling good. I felt good. I wanted to kick ass. And looking hot while I do it isn't really something I would frown upon.

For the record however, I find it amazing how Zack Snyder makes the clothes and the women look not at all slutty or sleazy. With this know-how, Tyra Banks should have him on the panel of America's Next Top Model.

Anyway, whatever anyone says about the story, I actually think it's pretty clean and clear cut. You know where to draw the lines among the story within the story within the story, the symbols and metaphors are pretty direct, and every angle is tied up into a pretty little bow.

Again, it's simple. But really, if you just can't get that, go study deep stuff on your desk and suck the fun out of your room without harming anyone else. Amidst the hype it got (because Snyder directed Watchmen and 300... as if those weren't just mindless fun too), I totally believe that Sucker Punch only invited you to enjoy a good popcorn and drink. Nothing more, nothing less.

I've always liked honesty.


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It is reviews like this which remind me why I got Claire as a writer in the first place. Haha.

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