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Running Scared

What the Universe does to me is that it speaks in mysterious and interesting ways. Do you remember the time when the Facebook (FB) community had a cute campaign against child abuse?? Yes, the one when the least of posters suddenly swarmed out, like the bored and boring adults (and kids alike) that they are, and put out their favorite cartoon-superhero as profile pictures. Bringing the FB world much closer to its queerer Twitter-home sister.
Oooohhh... uughhh.... Those fickly words tickle..
...it would be a shame then, had I not found my own, wihihi.
Timestamped: About a month before birds started falling from the sky
Furthermore, and in quite perplexing response, the Universe presented itself as Running Scared [I had to mention this: "A Media 8 Entertainment (in association with) True Grit Production"]
Same kid, stained with blood.
as one of its initial sequences.

And this hooking me permanently.
The same wedgie Mr. DiCaprio was busying with
in godknowswhere.
Yes, yes-yes!
And to the tune of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb 
The kid knows better than most adults:
"I don't want to be on meds."

While the juiciness continue...
"John Wayne was a faggot."

 ..Treading on some classics came along the way... 
Lost and trapped: Pristine, sleek interiors for the
strict, OC clean

..Alongside inextricable niceties.
Weeeee! Staaarrrsss!
"Silly boy. Come, I'll show you."
"...right, papa bear"
"Come on. You guys love each other" 
One more from this crazy MILF and I explode

...Augmented with not-to-be-missed secwet society "stamping" (*poke, poke*) 
Whatta package: "school", and "1901" or 911.
"303" or 33.
"Whoa! You got your own Disneyland in here..."
A bit tingly, yiii!
A story-in-itself-end-credits: This shot highlighting duality.

And just when you think the film is over, it doesn't...
Well, what do you know... Mr. John "True Grit" Wayne
himself. Or a tat of him.
Just like the selected poor and Islamic of the Philippines to Fernando Poe, Jr. (FPJ), the deprived of Mother Russia were not used to having "The Duke" shot, or killed, in the movies. While disappointed FPJ fans would throw projectiles in public viewings, Russian feeds (on the other hand) were cut short to shield the fragile minds from the heroic demise--working like a double-edged sword

Moreover, the film retains more integrity than the Lord of the Rings' seemingly undecided endingS. (Yes, with a capital "S") And way more decent than Mr. Paul Walkers' Fast flicks.

With this article complete, the author can now expect more blowing response from the Universe, as a douchebag referring to himself in the third person.


Rating: Eight of ten.

Tally for "fuck", "fucking", "motherfuck", "prick", "cunt", "snotfuck", "midget", "whiteboy"and "Jesus": About a glorious 85 to 90 percent of the time.


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