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Boardwalk Empire. Season One.

First off, it's a Martin Scorsese production. And the pilot episode was directed by Scorsese himself. That alone should make you watch it.

Then again, the story is quite good. It's sort of like a prequel to The Untouchables, if you want to call it that. Aside from telling the stories of real-life legends Lucky Luciano and Al Capone, it also puts historical context to the period known as the Prohibition. This was the time of the Sufrragettes victory, the first time women were allowed to cast their ballots. Although some of the characters have been fictionalized for dramatic purposes, I think the accuracy of the historical context has been preserved.

1. "Boardwalk Empire"

"I deserve that Golden Globe, right?"

So the title of this episode is also the title of the series. Kind of like how some song titles are also the title of the album they come from. Also, Steve Buscemi is a really, really great actor. I've loved him since Airheads. And I thought I would get bored with this series, but I've been proven wrong. It's either Scorsese has damn great directing skills, or I just really love period films about the Prohibition.

2. "The Ivory Tower"

Yes, this show also has nudity. 

Once you hear the names "Johnny Torio" and "Big Jim Colosimo", you know that this is based on a true story. Well, they also have a pre-gangster Al Capone here, so you all know what to expect.

3. "Broadway Limited"

See? Nudity.

Jimmy Darmody gets fingered. No, not that kind of fingered. Someone's pinned him to that massacre in the woods.

4. "Anastasia"

See? More nudity.

Damn that Kelly Macdonald. She's getting hotter and hotter. She was in Trainspotting, by the way. And Stephen Graham is such a good actor. His characterization is so effective that you'll really despise that son of a bitch Al Capone.

5. "Nights in Ballygran"

Bride of Frankenstein or Scarface?

And the first major arrest of the prohibition happens. Kelly Macdonald has reached her boiling point. I also love that federal agent. He really looks like a no-nonsense kind of guy.

6. "Family Limitation"

"I'm the coolest character in this series."

Okay, everything I said about that federal agent, I take it back. He's into S & M. Like he whips himself while staring at a photograph of a 16-year old Kelly Macdonald. If it was any other guy, they'd jack off. But he has to whip himself. With his belt. What?

7. "Home"

This show satisfies all our sexual desires.

That girl in the pic is the hot Aleksa Palladino. She's the one with her breast hanging out. Girl-on-girl for the win. And it's official. Mrs. Schroeder is now Mistress Thompson. She now lives in Mistressville. And that assassin's face is way too creepy.

8. "Hold Me in Paradise"

Ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the United States. Seriously.

It's nice to see real historical events intertwined with this series, fictional as it is. Although I would really like to see the line that divides the fiction and the reality.

9. "Belle Femme"

'Waiter! You spilled ketchup on my girl!"

Jimmy comes back to his family, and then lands his ass in jail. Meanwhile, election fever starts to swell, as Mrs. Schroeder is tasked with swinging the women's vote the Republican's way. We also get violence a-plenty, and I don't think it's election-related.

10. "The Emerald City"

Oh my, more nudity.

Al Capone grows up. Finally. Jimmy breaks some bones on the Boardwalk. And Agent Van Alden wets his lips with alcohol. For the very first time. Hypocrite.

11. "Paris Green"

Just another day at the office for a federal agent.

Oh, the family drama. So Jimmy's mother had her when she was thirteen. Thirteen! With hardly any pubic hair down under, she manages to squeeze out a baby like Jimmy Darmody.

12. "A Return to Normalcy"

Just another day at the office for a criminal.

And thus ends the first season of this great series. And what better way to put it to a close than with cliffhangers. Schroeder and Thompson are back together (I kind of like them together, sorry.) Warren G. Harding becomes president of the United States. The D'Alessio brothers are reunited in hell. And, wait... do we have a conspiracy in our hands? Involving none other than the former newly-reinstated sheriff, in true Fredo Corleone fashion.

And now, HBO, can we have Season Two now please? I don't like to be kept waiting.

*some info from IMDb


Hindi ka naman masyado natuwa sa nudity noh? Hahaha. Now, those who plan to watch this series must watch the uncensored version too, or else they'll probably disappointed. Hehe.

Nope, sanay na ako sa nudity. Sa Rome pa lang.

Sanay = Tuwang-tuwa. Hehehe.

this looks good! i like steve buscemi :D

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