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The Big Bang Theory (Season 3)

Nothing much to report. The show is still on a roll and being funny. This season, Penny and Leonard's relationship gets more developed. But who cares about that? Lead couples always thrive on keeping the couples together then apart, together then apart, together then apart. It's the circle of life until the series-ender, where they'd more likely end up together. Because, people, everything is actually a Disney fairytale.

On another bitter side note, it's getting annoying how they're not being consistent on Raj's love/sexual life. I know any show has its history blunders but I think the writers are particularly being careless with Raj. And in this season, I find Raj to be the funniest. I don't really know why he has to be the token loser-because-I'm-not-getting-any. He's already funny without that label.


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