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Pinoy Icons: Paquito Diaz

We say goodbye to one of the most memorable bad guys of Philippine Cinema. With a career spanning 5 decades and 204 films, Mr. Paquito Diaz inspired so much fear on the silver screen that it even spilled over in real life.

Along with bearded Bombays (Indians) on their motorcycles, Paquito Diaz was often used by mothers to scare their children into taking afternoon naps. Well, for all I know, Paquito Diaz could have been a nice guy in real life, with his badassery being just an act that earned him his bread and butter. But his son Joko Diaz also turned out as an on- and off-screen bad boy, so following the "like father, like son" formula, a nice guy Paquito Diaz could very well be just pure fiction.

So here he is, one last time, back in the days when the mere sight of his awesome mustache sent shivers down everybody's spines.

In a survey conducted during Martial Law, it was discovered that
people were more afraid of this moustache than of getting tortured by the military.

Francisco a.k.a. Paquito Bustillos Diaz. 28 May 1937 - 3 March 2011.

*some info from Wikipedia
pic from PiNaysaAmerika


Anonymous said...

what's funny, even, is the denial right before his death. we know the man's dying. he's had a full life, and inspiring too.

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