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R.I.P.* The Wedding Singer

*Review In Pictures

Although this movie didn't make it on my List, I am just reminded why I liked it in the first place...

Audio: Pass the Dutchie 'pon the lef-hand side ♫
Video: Hell limo!
Nothing comes sweeter than an innocent child saying
to a bitch she is one
Limo driver à la Miami Vice
Audio: Madonna's "Holiday"
Mood: Ultra-wrecked and sad 
What's this character's role-name who actually looks
like Boy George or an actual lady? 
A crossdressing pig.
Table #9 to complete Loserkind.
(Which is) All set in the '80s, which is supposedly the happiest decade of the modern era.

The tragically correct Hippie Movement of the '60s
The "tragically" tough, no BS rockin' in the '70s
'80s: Just happy :)
Except maybe for Wayne's World and
Simpsons and Beavis & Butt-head
Audio: "99 Luft Balloons" ♪ 
Who wouldn't like MRS. Barrymore?

For one: the highly insecure Alpha-male kind. Second: the extremely hip and trendy gay, who don't know they're gay. I mean, how can they not like her when she's the perfect sister-lover-friend all rolled into one?

Which leads me to the conclusion that Math illiterates are the third kind.
Barrymore + Sandler = Belong together.
Adam + his ever-present Jewish jokes = anti NWO-Zionism?
OK let's not go do that. Let's not speculate whether he is against a separate Zionist Israel state, or whether his namesake influences his craft; or whether the US media is utterly run by these so-called Zionist-Jews-sandwiched-in-the-middle-of-the-pyramidal-power-structure. No, let's not go there please, I just had my Kaballah initiation.
Resume music
Lo! and Behold! an actual mention of Miami Vice!
This should enhance Boardwalk Empire LOL
Steve Buscemi singing
SB's "True"
Being the forgetful bitch that I am, I am also reminded why a perfect art movie is also a longer series of excellent moving pictures... Flip away folks! :)

Rating: Eight of ten.


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