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R.I.P. 2001: A Space Odyssey

I was, or am right, (that) to remain in a constant state of gayness actually does contribute to the creative flare. Bongga! And so I did my Top 100+ List of (Feature-Length) Films and spoiler Reviews-In-Pictures (acronym: RIP) shall be its babies. Why? Because we are in a coalescing, exponential stream of devolution, and freewill is not an option. I even have this pilot article title in rhyme! Cheers!

One of the most memorable images in filmic history is this juxtaposition of bone and spaceship. What they represent I know not...

Yesss, darling??

All I know is that this guy is the prototype of Andy Serkis.
So, has Andy also had a juicy relationship with Peter J?
I know Arthur Clarke did! (Keyword: "had")

This is HAL. HAL 9000. He, or she, or IT is the pinnacle of human technology─AI as we might say. HAL is central to the story, and it tickles Mr. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick that we have Big Brother as a contemporary representative, or the Venus Project as foreboding(?) Did I just utter an F word?

Don't search yet! Don't leave me alone with HAL! Please!
CBS logo─On your dollar bill too. Right?
Eye belong!
What does your death
I mean Birth CERTIFICATE mean?

Needless to say, HAL is also responsible for the life-sustaining operations and navigation thru space. Like breathing. You need not think about breathing. It's automatic.

Look 'Ma! No Strings!
Remember though this was in the late '60s. About the
same time of the lunar landings. About 30 years
since the initial development of chroma keying.
Remarkable set.
Remarkable concept: the omnipresent Monolith.
Sehnsucht anyone? :)

What the artifact represents is me putting words in your mouth LOL. It's pointing, connecting to some higher intelligence. Which is conclusively alien, should you fail to find it somewhere nearer. Like yourselves.

We are star stuff harvesting star light... Star stuff contemplating
star stuff.. ─Sagan

Lose the surfboard for alternate ending

*some pics from Dees Illustrations

2001: A Space Odyssey (film). USA. 1968.

Rating: Nine of ten.


Nice post. In true herd commander fashion.

But our enquiring on whether Baron Geisler has produced more bad eggs than Charlie Sheen led to this long-incubating piece. So thank you, hehe. This is also dedicated to another peer for directing me the right voice. Let's root for Baron 'kay!?

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