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Smile Monster

Fortunately, the younger generation of today know less or nothing about Charlie Chaplin, (and) so I am able to brag to them about their ignorance of a pioneering act of more-ways-than-one. And it is evident when 15 year-old American Idol finalist Thia Megia took a triple strike when,

Firs: When her rendition of "Smile" was negatively assessed;
Second: When she mistook the song as Michael Jackson's original; and
Lastly: When she mistook "Chaplin" as "Chapman".

Upon much contemplation on Thia's subconscious remark on the name, I reckoned how I may have to agree, and will illustrate some proving points as we progress, with your co-indulgent permission. LOL

Thia is not altogether to be blamed with the rendition. As far as I know, every performance on the show is collaborative in the sense that directors/arrangers/advisers/co-artists input their ideas to up the competition. Nevertheless, youth begets her and she is devastated by the resulting opinion. And the opinion becomes her own as well.

Not the exact picture, yet the same

Now, now... Thia is not the only teen here. Despite their age, adults have an incessant quality of youthfulness. One of which is nationalistic patriotism.

This is perhaps the first time you may have to hear about the term. The term popped out from a small group of casual see-ers during one of their intuitive sessions. It is a privileged task to write about it this first time.

Ideally, the term Filipino Internationale refers to the global person or mindset, whose origin or earlier incarnation stems from the Philippine archipelago or the Filipino culture. His predilection is not pride, nor to make his country proud, nor to stand out in the global-international scene as a competitive monkey; but instead relates to the whole world as family. Making the whole term obsolete as he progresses to a more one-world, one-galactic MILWAuKYY affair.

Just look at Charlie go

Obviously, Thia's teen sensibility is proven wrong when she is moved past the Final 13 and on to 11. With this is the romping up of the Filipino patriotic sensibilities. As the Azkals(too) moved up the world football bracketing and Pacquiao once again poised to reign in the boxing ring, the variet-al and focal evolution of the species is again enhanced. Rest in peace, Charlie. For if you were still alive, you will have to witness the steady downfall of your accused communistic tendencies.

I was exiled to Switzerland, did you know tzhat?
Left: Classic ending of/to The Great Dictator.
Link to Charles Jr. aka communist kid

If you must know too, tramp to you would've only meant "whoring female". Obviously, this wasn't the case with Charlie. The Tramp was also his popular nickname. And before there was even film sound, there was already "the tramp"─the homeless-forgotten to the unforgiving world─leading us back to the time "Smile" first played publicly, via Modern Times.

Romance for The-Great-Depression-struck.
"Smile" romanced and graced MJ's funeral

And while the song is commemorative of MJ's earlier career, "Gone Too Soon" gravitized watery eyes during the memorial. Usher's honest rendition didn't help either, he's gay. LOL. Which takes us now to our fave subject─the much-awaited, crazy conspiracy talk. Of which Michael himself knew very well.

Begging, not merely, the questions:
Is Mike a tramp himself? Alien to his own country?
And even to his fans?

Which impression came first? On left: a male Superb Bird-of-Paradise;
Right: You're stupid LOL

These alone should make
the "Chap-man"

*The night of MJ's death, during an intent-ful S. Divinorium trip, a burglar made an attempt at the place of the author. Several weeks later, he would predict People Power leader Cory Aquino's death.


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