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Zatôichi (The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi)

Regular Japanese cinema is quite refreshing, as the only Japanese movies I am familiar with are Akira Kurosawa's. And also Hayao Miyazaki's. Plus a few more which I don't really recall.

Anway, this film transports us back to feudal Japan, which is not a bad place to live in, actually. I only wish the filmmakers limited the weaponry to just swords. They had to introduce a revolver sometime near the end, which in my opinion was totally unnecessary. But what do I know about Japanese history, right?

Nothing. I know nothing.

Although there seems to be a hint of sexual tension between the blind masseur and the old lady, I'm sorry to say that this film has no sex in it.

"Sorry, not even nudity."

At first, you may think this is the story of the blind masseur slash swordsman (slash, get it?), but I think the story is actually more on the Naruto children.

Not that one.

The Naruto children's sole driving force is to avenge the death of their family. There are a lot of touching scenes involving the two siblings, and just to make sure that the males in the audience don't fantasize about having a threesome with two geishas, it has been clearly established that the other one is a male.

Guess which one.

The film's comic relief works like a charm. I guess it's the Asian in us. We have a similar sense of humor. And also probably because the writer-director (who also happens to star as the blind masseur), Takeshi Kitano, was one of the leading figures in Japanese stand-up comedy. Bravo. But that doesn't quite explain the atrocious ending. I guess it was too Jai Ho for me.

Nothing says "Asian" more than a dance number.

Okay, I'm going to unleash some spoilers here, which in my opinion will not detract from the essence of the film. The masseur slash swordsman is blind, right? But in a totally expected plot twist, it turns out that he is not actually blind. Then in another not-quite-expected plot twist (also known as a "Double Shyamalan"), it turns out that he is actually blind. So, in true Christopher Nolan Inception fashion, it's up to you to decide.

"Even I don't know if I'm blind or not."

*some info from IMDb
pics from Naruto and VLC

Zatôichi. Japan. 2003.

Rating: Seven point eight out of ten.


Anonymous said...

if you say this movie is funnier than your review, then I have to watch it.

"Nothing says "Asian" more than a dance number."——Yung sa Pinas, lagin sa beach, noh? Hahaha!

The male Naruto is the one on the right (yung walang vest)? Am I right? :-S

@Anonymous: If you're saying that my review is funny, thank you. But this movie isn't all comedy. There are just some funny scenes in it. But still, I suggest you watch it.

@Sue Denim: Yes, the one on the right is the male. Hehe.

Cess said...

You should also see the 1962 version. Zatoichi is an iconic Jap film character, parang Panday lang. :)

A blind-unblind-blind? I'm confused...As in "This guy-disguised-this guy" to be blind? Hahaha!

@Cess: Wow, thanks for the info! Ma-download nga hehe.

@The Negation: Basta bulag, tapos 'di pala bulag, tapos bulag pala talaga. Haha.

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