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Becoming Jane

If you think James McAvoy is cute, or if you like reading Jane Austen's novels, or if society and your family have ever gotten in the way of your personal affairs, you just might be able to sit through the movie Becoming Jane.

The movie is based on the book Becoming Jane Austen by Jon Spence and details canon writer Jane Austen's youth and her childhood sweetheart Thomas Langlois Lefroy who later became Lord Chief Justice of Ireland.

The washed out cinematography doesn't help to spark interest either. Don't believe the bright colored poster. Anne Hathaway was criticized for the fakeness of her British accent and I can actually hear why.

In terms of historical accuracy, it's not a biopic about Jane Austen. The film does succeed in making you wish it were. Jane Austen playing baseball and eloping with a bad boy puts the ladies in The Jane Austen Book Club movie to shame.

This gets a 4/10.


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