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The Vampire Diaries. Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

Nowadays, watching vampire shows for me is like trying to find a replacement partner after being dumped by the best lover I ever had. Buffy really ruined other vampire shows for me. I keep spotting Buffy references even though Buffy just copied it too from age old mythologies. The ring that protects the vampires from the sun? That's from Buffy. The leading man/vampire that looks like the love child of Angel and Xander? Definitely Buffy. But The Vampire Diaries is pretty much tight. Cliché tight yes, but tight none the least. It brings back the nineties ambiance of supernatural suspense, so more points for nostalgia. Besides, I caught the Stars song being played in one scene so that made me smile throughout the whole episode. However, the villain vampire wears too much blush-on. You're hot and I support gender fluidity but that is still too much make-up, Mr. Villain Vampire (who ironically is the one criticizing the style of the grunge era).


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