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Entourage. Season One

This review will prove that I can like something and give it a low rating at the same time.

And this is also the first full season review, after a set of complete season microreviews. The microreview was innovated by Claire, and made its debut here.

So anyway, I do love the concept of Entourage, and as I already mentioned a couple of times, this is the life I've always dreamed of. Hollywood is my holy grail. But yet the series lacks that certain kick. What I mean when I say "kick" is that it lacks that certain punch that hits the viewers in the head and makes them want more. The show's concept is supposed to be just a day-to-day glimpse of a Hollywood hunk and his entourage, but everyone knows a day-to-day chronicle is boring. This is where this kick or punch should come in to tell a better story. This kick or punch or whatever brutal attack force should be in the series' pilot, and also at the season ender. Sadly, there was no kick or punch or whatever brutal attack force in Entourage's episode bookends. Which is why the series didn't really reel in the viewers who weren't really knowledgeable about Hollywood. Well, tough luck.

The series did however showcase excellent acting, especially from Jeremy Piven, who plays the ruthless agent Ari, and Kevin Dillon, who plays my favorite Entourage character Johnny Drama. Actually, everyone in the series is a great actor, as everything seems to come quite naturally to them. Of course, they're Hollywood actors playing Hollywood actors. How hard can that be for them?

Frankly, I am a bit disappointed with the weak points of the first season, but instead of dismissing this outright, I shall try and watch the second season, and hope the writers improved even just a little bit. But I would still watch the series just for Johnny Drama's performance.

*some info from Wikipedia and HBO
pic from HBO

(Season One). USA. 2004.

Rating: Six out of ten.

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