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Glee. Season 1, Episode 3: Acafellas

Aside from my little qualms on this episode (regarding the not-so brilliant handling of the coming-out-of-the-closet stint), Episode 3 should pretty much be the role model of what Glee should be. It finally nails what its trailers promised to deliver. A witty, caricature-y funny show and I believe it owes it to not just the musical numbers, but Sue Sylvester. She, my imaginary audience, is one of the foundations of this show. Without her, it'll keep on just trying to be witty instead of actually being witty. She calls out the cliche-ness of everyone and it's really funny (sometimes not haha) that she swerves a bit from the stereotype. Sure, she's like a butch epitome of Stephen Colbert. But if they really wanted her to be a stereotype coach of the cheer team, she would have been like Michelle Pfeiffer in Hairspray. And I'm really glad she's not. Every line that comes out of her mouth is a punch line that makes me want to do that emoticon of actually rolling on the floor to laugh. And oh, this episode offers Josh fucking Groban, people. And that's cursing for emphasis (the all caps emphasis is reserved for Kristin Chenoweth's guest appearance, of course).


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