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Glee. Season 1, Episode 7: Throwdown

I am really pissed about the "everyone here is a minority" speech. No, they're not. I know this is supposed to be a show of everyone happy as long as we're in it together blah (evident by the father not beating up his son when his son came out of the closet) but there's a fine line between giving hope and delusion. At last, I thought, this was going to be a episode finally focusing more on, the very least, Mercedes or Tina. But no. Fucking imperialists. Anyway, that rant finished, this is probably the most coherent Glee episode. It also had the funniest opening scenes. I actually thought it'd be my second favorite episode (the most favorite of course, is the "Single Ladies" football number) especially since we get more Sue Sylvester who machine-gunned one politically incorrect statement after another. Her dynamics between Will, and most especially Quinn--awfully wonderful. I think the point where Sylvester talked about Quinn was finally the clincher that this episode is not going to end with a laughing emoticon. And that Sylvester really does care about her students (if they go the other way and let her be cardboard villain would have been really be stupid). I actually believe that the most heart-wrenching scene of the episode was when she curtly replied "Run it." Revenge is her only response to being hurt.

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I hate you Claire.
Is this the one with "No Air"?
(Hey, that rhymes.)

Claire said...

yep. why do you hate me? hahaha.

I hate you because napanood mo na haha.

Btw, ginawa ko lang 'yung review ng pilot kasi OC ako at wala ka pang review ng pilot hehe. Pero sa'yo na ang buong season hehe. Nakikibasa lang ako.

P.S. I ♥ Quinn.

Claire said...

(ugh may sira ata netbook ko, kelangan ko pa tuloy ulitin ung comment ko)

i heart quinn too :D gagawa ako ng list of favorite characters to least like dahil loser ako. :P

we can do alternate reviews dito sa dacouchtomato. c: kaw na sa ep8, you want?

Hahaha kahit ikaw na. Episode 6 pa lang ako e. Tsaka mas nakakatawa ang reviews mo e. Hehe.

Claire said...

Mabilis na yan. Wala pa sa torrent ang ep8. Ahahahaha!

Magknock-knock joke ka na lang sa review. Wehehe!


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