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Vanilla Sky

One. Brilliant. Film.

Well, it's Cameron Crowe, so you shouldn't expect anything less.

I haven't seen the original version Abre los ojos, which is a Spanish film (that also starred Penélope Cruz) that this film is based on, but it doesn't really matter, as this film should be judged independently and not as a remake.

Acting was good. Kurt Russell was great, and so was Penélope Cruz, and also Cameron Diaz, who looked extra-slutty. Jason Lee, you rock. Hooray for Tilda Swinton's cameo. And a round of applause for Tom Cruise, who may have just made Vanilla Sky his coming-of-age film.

Congratulations to the make-up team, the make-up was excellent. Well it should be, as they only had to deconstruct Tom Cruise's face and make him look fugly. And succeed they did.

Cinematography: perfect. John Toll, you deserve an award for nailing the vanilla skyscape.

And music: um, it's Cameron Crowe. Yes, the same Cameron Crowe who wrote and directed Almost Famous. Okay, now you get it. I don't even have to explain.

Anyway, funny thing is, with some movies, you can actually date the film. Even without using specific references within the story, you could tell when a film was made just by the look and quality. But Vanilla Sky doesn't have that. It was released in 2001, but it could just as well be coming soon to a theater near you. It has the makings of a classic, and for that, I truly ♥ you, Cameron "No-Relation-to-Russell" Crowe.

*some info from IMDb
pic from sonyinsider.com

Vanilla Sky. USA. 2001.

Rating: Nine out of ten.


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