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The Vampire Diaries. Season 1, Episode 3: Friday Night Bites

Dialogue is sharp and amusing. I always like loner jokes and re-occurring appearance of the animal control unit (which wasn't actually an intentional joke). We get to know more about Mr. Villain. The episode finally explicitly tells what has only been implied before: why he was being such an asshole to his vampire brother. I'm not yet tired of the exchanges between the two brothers. It 's always like "I'm Confronting My Jungian Shadow". And so far, I like how the leading high school lady is turning out to be--basically not an idiot. Her brother is, though. Her stoner brooding brother broods more than the leading vampire, it's so annoying. Too bad, he's hot. I like how the high school life portrayal steers away from the usual scene entertainment has been giving lately--geeks vs. the popular people and all that jazz. In The Vampire Diaries, its about "popular" people trying to be normal but we get to see the other side they live. Only it's not sex like how students in Gossip Girl live, it's vampire sex and murder--the cooler kind.


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