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The Vampire Diaries. Season 1, Episode 2: The Night of the Comet

A great advice for this series is to stop trying to be like Twilight. I don't think being eye candy is this show's strength. You, with the almost thick spiky hair, stop trying to be Edward Cullen. You look weird enough looking like Angel and Xander. You, Mr. Villain who I sometimes think I'm getting attracted to, but stop myself when I'm almost there, you're still wearing too much make-up. And your hair, god! I'm all for the messy do but yours is like icky greasy. Hey leading lady, someone better fix your eyeshadow. You look like you're half-winking and it just got stuck there. And Ms. Shallow-Half-Bitch-But-Still-Friend-of-Leading-Lady, I really don't have anything to say about your make-up. And I like how your character is being fleshed out through little dialogue. But you still do look like Hayden something-something of Heroes. Which just goes to show how hard The Vampire Diaries try to catch the popular audience. Which it really shouldn't because The Vampire Diaries makes up a proper series on its own. Sure, it's not really anything new, (what else can you bleed from vampire mythology aside from making them sparkle?) but at least, it's proper. The suspense, the plot, the pacing, the scary-shock factor. I feel like I'm thirteen all over again and drooling over scary movies. What's great about this episode is that equal attention is being given to each character. And I'm really excited and hoping they would expound the witch angle in latter episodes. And I'm pretty sure someone's going to make someone a vampire (or he did already?) which is always lovely. Cliffhangers rock.


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