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I agreed to watch this flick because one, it's sci-fi; two, I'm not paying for my ticket; three, haven't heard of a bad review on in it... or what would be more accurate is I haven't heard anything on it.

The movie was about humanity using robots/surrogates to live their lives for them. Crime rate turns to zero and everybody's happy. Or are they? Dun dun dun dun...

Well, no. They're not. That's basically what's the movie's saying. This is fake happy. So a movement sprouts up against this new world era of surrogates, a murder happens at the side, and wouldn't you know it? They were actually connected. Who'd have thought?

Aside from a few typical ending twists here and some hair on Bruce Willis-surrogate's head, the movie did a sucky job on preaching about machine dependency. Surrogates' premise isn't far from the future, I know, but the way they presented it was pretty much black and white for me. The surrogates were hot robots versus the humans controlling them who were haggardly ugly, therefore, ugliness is more real. The only person who looks hot as an actual human was Bruce Willis. Actually, he looks a whole lot better without the hair. Oh, you older man bad boy types.

Preaching about doomsday has been told far more prettier in The Matrix. Or even Wall-E. These flicks did pretty good preaching because I could actually believe that type of future could happen. I know that comparing Surrogates to Wall-E is a whole different game. Wall-E is an animated family/romance while Surrogates is... boring.



Hahaha I already didn't like this just by watching the trailer. Hooray for your very high standards hahaha! :-D

Claire said...

or for my short attention span. haha.

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