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Surf's Up

Now surprisingly, that was a pretty good film.

Yes I know, I have this tendency to discriminate non-Pixar CG films, but again, this is actually quite good.

Aside from NOT featuring singing and dancing penguins, this film uses the reality TV show-style, complete with interviews and swaying hand-held camera movements. And the rendition of water and waves is just wonderful.

Strangely though, when I stayed to read the end credits to find out who voiced who, since I could only distinguish Shia LaBeouf's voice, and I only found out through IMDb that Zooey Deschanel voiced the female penguin (mmm...Zooey Deschanel), the voice actors weren't listed. I don't know if I just missed it, but I'm sure I didn't, since I still have perfect vision. Anyway, who cares about voice actors? Pixar doesn't.

*some info from IMDb
pic from nusacm.org

Surf's Up. USA. 2007.

Rating: Seven out of ten.


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