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Because We Love Free Movies...

...we're doing this.

Nuffnang and Hapee Toothpaste will be holding a surprise movie screening this Friday. To win two invites, we have to do two things:
  1. write a blog entry about what makes both Nuffnang and Hapee first-class; and
  2. attach the badge provided at the end of the writeup

Allrighteythen. Let's do this.

1. What Makes Both Nuffnang and Hapee First-Class

Let's do Nuffnang first.

No Laos or Myanmar = First Class

Nuffnang is actually Asia-Pacific's first blog advertising community. And check out the pic. That's six countries. I mean, Nuffnang's got to be first class if they're present in six countries, right? Exactly. You convinced now? You better be.

Now let's move on to Hapee.

A lot of them did not hear the photographer say "cheese".

My household supports Hapee toothpaste, because my mother has a soft spot for deaf people. Or to be more politically correct, the "hearing-impaired". Personally, I don't like using terms that claim to be politically correct. For one, it's too long to spell. "Hearing-impaired" has sixteen characters, four times the number of characters for the word "deaf". I don't see anything offensive about the word "deaf". If I were deaf, I'd say I'm deaf. If I were blind, I'd say I'm blind. None of that "visually-impaired" or "visually-challenged" crap. All the disabled people in the world should follow the advice of Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. Disabled people should embrace who they are, and wear it proudly like armor, so that it can never be used against them.

"Did I really say that?"

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, my mother having a soft spot for deaf people. That's because the Lamoiyan Corporation, the makers of Hapee Toothpaste, employs over thirty deaf-mute staff in the company, helps provide them with free housing, and requires its managers to learn sign language. The company has been recognized by the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines as having an Outstanding Program for Equal Employment Opportunities for the Disabled. There. Is that not first class enough for you?

Nuffnang and Hapee will be giving away the free tickets to the first one hundred (100) people who complete the two requirements mentioned above. But if they chose the hundred based on content, I think I'd place somewhere in the Top5. Or Top 10. Just kidding. I just want the free tickets, please.

Wait, free tickets to what? What film will they be screening? They won't say, actually. They just said it's a "surprise movie screening".

Oh, and before I forget.

2. Attach the Badge Provided at the End of the Writeup

And here's the badge:

Hmmm... first class... X-Men logo... nope, I'm drawing a blank here. Is the surprise movie Transformers: The Dark of the Moon? If it is, it better be in 3D.

*pics from Nuffnang, Lamoiyan, and Screened


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