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21 is literally about black jack. I used to play this back in the day, but all I could play right now is tong-its.
It's a Filipino rummy card game.

It was even made into a movie here.
Somehow, this is the only movie Google shows me when I search for the Tong-Its movie.

The main character Ben (Jim Sturgess) was supposed to play a nerdy dude in this flick. But he really looked like a hunky jock if you ask me (no homo). The dude wasn't even wearin' glasses just to throw us off a bit.
It's the glasses.

I can't remember Kevin Spacey bein' more of a dick than in this movie. Makes me want to strangle him. But you know what? An actor's dickish (if that's even a word) behavior that pisses me off is a true sign of great acting. If I ain't affected by your acting douchebaggery, then you suck, you talentless fuck!
Not pictured: Talent.

Laurence Fishburne, as usual, just has this Morpheus-y aura to him while doin' his role as Cole Williams. He also acted like a dick in the end by confiscating all of Ben's winnings for his retirement pay.

Kate Bosworth can do nothin' more than be a smart blonde. If there was one, it's her. In the movie only, that is. I don't know if she has true-to-life Hollywood wits.
Like her 154 IQ perhaps?

The ending just had that feel-good vibe to it in that the protagonist had it made by livin' out the American dream.
A "Jai-Ho" would have been more suitable.

6.5 outta 10 overall.

(-1) for not doin' the "Jai-Ho"

(+.5) for Kevin Spacey's dickery

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