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Doctor Who. Series 5

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There are just too many factors going on which stopped me from falling in love with the series that introduced Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor.

Firstly, the Eleventh Doctor. Don't get me wrong. Matt Smith IS adorable. He plays that curious geek very, very well. He reminds me of some Heath Ledger/Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Neil Patrick Harris mannerisms, truth be told, even if I get clobbered by rabid fans for putting them all in the same bowl. The pilot of the series IS fabulous too (story-wise and Doctor-wise). There's a little bit of James Marsters' cockiness in there that I actually thought I'd be falling for Matt Smith and forget about the other Doctors.

But I didn't.

The subsequent episodes had me realizing that I am not over David Tennant's Tenth Doctor, and by the time I was nearing the final episode of the fifth series, I knew it was a lost cause. Matt Smith is just my rebound Doctor, and it's hard following the equally hot yet more energetic and bubbly and adorable that is David Tennant. I'd still be stubborn and say that Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor is my favorite Doctor, but no one can ever beat the twinkle in David Tennant's eyes.

Secondly, and most importantly, Series 5 disappointed me so much because I expected a lot from it. It didn't help that some contacts in my side of the cyberworld think that the fifth series is THE BESTEST SERIES EVER. I guess, when they said that, they were only thinking about new companion Amy Pond's legs.

And then there's Steven Moffat for the new head writer. My favorite, favorite writer ever. His episodes from the previous series are usually the ones with clean plots and less wtf scenes, weighing more on orgasmic moments because of fantastic scary monsters. He introduced me to my favorites, such as the Weeping Angels and Vastha Nerada (Don't blink! Stay out of the shadows!). But I don't know what happened. I didn't get my Steven Moffat in Series 5. Even more so, I didn't get my fantastic scary monsters in Series 5, too.

I mean, really. Reptile species? Again? Why don't I just watch Masked Rider Black or other Japanese sentais? Or... Goosebumps.

Still, my real peeve is that after the series finale, I didn't feel a goddamn thing. I didn't want to cry like I did in the previous series. And maybe some of you are thinking, "What? You think the finale in Series 3 is tears-worthy?" Okay, some aspects of Series 3 might have sucked, but you have The Master as your series arc fantastic scary monster. Don't tell me he's not a fantastic villain or I'll kill you in your sleep. Really. Hear that drumming noise in your head?

Series 5 didn't have any of that. As my geek buddy puts it, there's no pay-off. You wait and wait and wait for who the hell was actually behind causing those cracks in the universe... but Series 5 doesn't say. And you're like, come on now! You writers have been rubbing our faces on those cracks each goddamn episode and you're not going to tell us at the end of this series?! You're going to make us wait until the sixth series?! Ugh. Sure, those people with faster Internet will not complain about it...

Meh. On to the good stuff.

  1. Amy Pond's legs.
  2. Amy Pond's skin. Good lord, I'm not even that into her but good lord, that flawless milky white... good lord.
  3. RORY. Perfect boyfriend RORY.
  4. RIVER SONG. I don't know why some people hate her. I would kill to make her smile, goddammit. People who don't like her because she's old will top my list of people who I have to kill to make her smile. Really now, if she's some big-boobed 20-year-old actress playing the seductress, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. Think Saffron of Firefly. I actually think River Song's better than Saffron. And I love how her and the Doctor's love story isn't timely linear.
  5. And lastly, this episode where Matt Smith has to act like a "normal" human being, so he plays football. When he stole that kick: Best Doctor Who moment ever.

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Next time, please include a picture of Amy Pond's legs. Hehe.

Claire, I have started watching Doctor Who. Hehe.

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