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Game of Thrones. Episode 5: "The Wolf and the Lion"

A visual rhyme with the last shot from the previous episode.

For those of you who've been thirsting for blood, look no further. We have a lot here.
  1. Bloody jousts. The Mountain (what a name!) slashes his steed's neck after he falls down. Not to worry, though, no animals were harmed in the making of this series (citation needed).
  2. The sword fights were meh. Which means they were realistic.

  3. An ambush on Lady Stark's party. And Tyrion hacks a man to death with the pointy end of his shield.
  4. Such great power from a little man.

  5. That fight where they try to bring in Ned Stark alive. I really hate that arrogant wretch Jaime Lannister.
  6. Eeeewww.
So, to balance all the bloodshed (expect more blood in the upcoming episodes, because "winter is coming"), we bring you the gayest royal couple since Braveheart.

Shaving your partner is the highest form of love.


Teluete said...

What I didn't like about this episode wasn't the wang, or the violence, or the really, really audible blowjob. It was the breastfeeding of a non-infant child. Ick.

I would have let the breastfeeding thing if the boy is 2 years old at the most, but he's obviously much older. That and the fact that mom is a psycho-crazy.

Aren't all boys and men fans of titties? Hehe.

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