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Game of Thrones. Episode 6: "A Golden Crown"

Slight changes in the opening credits. This was actually since the last episode, but I only noticed it now.

The Eyrie. Not in the opening credits of the first four episodes.

Anyway, the alternative title for this review is "Three Eighties References in Episode 6 of Game of Thrones".

1. Cannibal Holocaust

Nope, that's not a human heart. That's a horse's heart. Now Daenerys is truly a queen.

2. G.I. Joe

Technically, Destro's head is silver. But I do remember seeing a gold-headed Destro toy once. And finally, we lose one major character. Good riddance to you, Viserys Targaryen. You are an annoying wuss.

3. The Goonies

Remember that scene from The Goonies where Chunk confessed his crimes to the Fratellis? That's exactly what Tyrion Lannister did. Peter Dinklage, you are still the best actor in this series.

Disclaimer: These eighties references are the author's sole opinion and in no way represent the opinions of HBO or George R.R. Martin. Although it would be totally cool if it did.

*pics from DVD in My Pants, Latino Review, Encyclopedia.com, and VLC


Eating a horse heart could easily have been Fear Factor. But you're eighties, and I'm younger, so. Hahaha.

Harharhar. I'm an Eighties kid, and proud of it.

Teluete said...

This was my favourite part in the book, and I'm so glad the episode did it justice.

Hindi ako eighties kid. Nagfe-feeling lang haha!

Which part? The heart-eating, the gold-heading, or Peter Dinklage's awesome Emmy-worthy performance? Hehe.

@Teluete: I just started reading the book, and I realize surprisingly, so far, that the TV series has been almost faithful to the book—more than any other book-to-series/film I know.

@StingLacson: Eighties kid rin naman ako kaso may nineties vibe na kahalo. Hehe.

eliza said...

Hindi rin ako 80s kid, but this is awesome. XD

Teluete said...

@Sting Lacson: The crowning! Fave death in the whole book. Haha! I also like the heart-eating part, but I like every part that has Dany and Drogo XD

@Sue Denim: Yes, definitely! The only thing I didn't like was how they established Danaerys' and Drogo's relationship in the beginning. masyadong dubious consent hahaha!

@Teluete: You're not just saying you like Dany and Drogo scenes because of Jason Momoa, right? Hehe.

Teluete said...

@Sue Denim: Lol! No, I sincerely like them together. Which is why I didn't like their first few appearances in the tv series. But yes, it does help that it's Jason Momoa. Hahaha!

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