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The Vampire Diaries. Season 2, Episode 21: The Sun Also Rises

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! Time is up
"The last thing she needs is another grave to mourn."

Yes, a lot of blood has been spilled in this episode, and it's all because of the sacrifice by which Klaus is now successfully a wolfvamp. Our little doppleganger, though, is spared; thanks to some witch spell mumbo-jumbo (Why, again, haven't they thought of that earlier?) binding her soul to her biological father's, and thus not dying or becoming a vampire. I get the soul-binding part, but I thought the sacrifice needed Klaus to drink Elena's blood until she's dry, so why wasn't there any blood transfusions? Harhar.

Jenna went out with a bang. To go for Greta as her last attempt at being Elena's guardian is proof that she could have been a pretty good vamp. But she'd never be a match to any supernatural even to her supernatural self. I'd also want to mention John for doing what any father would do. So with Jenna and John dead, who will be Elena and Jeremy's guardian?

Stefan, again, is rendered useless with Damon doing all the work. Bonnie is just the appetizer dish, and Elijah's supposed to throw the final blow. I'm sure he has some payback in mind after breaking his word. The hype that Klaus brought to the series was too good that the sacrifice turning sour would be an unjust end to the story arc. That's why the sacrifice happened sans any serious hitch. And that's why we'll have a third season still full of originals.

And this, too. Will they produce a baby wolfvamp?
With the sacrifice out of the way, everyone can focus on our dying Damon. I just really hope they don't kill Damon. I doubt that they'll kill him. Come on! The finale holds Damon's fate.. and frankly all the other characters' as well.


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