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The Vampire Diaries. Season 4. Episode 7: "My Brother's Keeper"

My wish was granted: Elena's first vampire sex was with Damon.

Jeremy is going full-on hunter, thanks to desperate Stefan, and that means having Matt as a housemate instead of his vampire sister. If he gets to kill Elena, then his being a hunter in the first place is pointless because he really wanted to be the one to get the map and the cure for his sister.

They have better bed chemistry maybe because they're real life lovers.

It's Miss Mystic Falls once again, and history repeats itself when it comes to rescue escorts. Klaus' hybrids are busy being un-sired while he's enjoying his time with Caroline. I hope he knows the Tyler and Haley plot all along. Haley, by the way, is also one of Professor Cutie Creepy's pawns. Tsk.

I wonder if the director had to yell "Cut!" so many times.

I just want to sayand this not just because I like Damon: What is there to fix in Elena, really? Why would Caroline ultimately conclude that something's wrong with Elena just because she wants Damon? We all know she had some feelings for Damon even before she turned. I know something's going to happen that will turn the odds on Stefan again to keep the triangle alive, but pleaseis it really hard to believe that Elena could fall for Damon? Is Damon really fucked up that it's impossible for someone to fall for him?

If Elena is sired to Damon, which I think he didn't plan (or did he, when he let her drink blood from him?), I hope she still feels for him more then she does for Stefan, even if she breaks the sire bond. Caroline should fall for Klaus and get a bitter after-taste of her own loathing.


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