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Elementary. Episode 10: "The Leviathan"


At this point in the series, the viewer should just give up trying to connect this show with the Sherlock Holmes literary canon.

"You mean you haven't given up yet?"

First, Sherlock Holmes does not enjoy sex, so it would be very highly unlikely that he would nail hot identical twins for the sake of genetic study. No matter how hot said twins are.

The hotter of the two.

Second, John (or in this case, Joan) Watson's family had absolutely no bearing in the books. We are supposed to know nothing about Watson's mother, brother, and future sister-in-law. And yet here they all are.

And third, we have characterization. So far, the only fully-fleshed out character in this show is Sherlock Holmes. Thus there is no hope for a decent Holmes-Watson dynamic when the character of Watson hasn't been fleshed out as much. And I would like to remind you that this show is in its tenth episode. Now I wonder where this is all headed.

To prison.

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