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Elementary. Episode 8: "The Long Fuse"


Joan Watson, leaving? No! She's literally one-half of the show. But so far into the season, Watson's role has not lived up to its potential to be more than just a sidekick. Elementary so far is all about Sherlock Holmes, and the series still needs a case where Holmes and Watson shine as a dynamic crime-fighting duo.

This would-be sponsor would've been interesting.

Particularly memorable in this episode is Sherlock's reaction to sex. In the books, there is practically no mention of sex at all, which fuelled the reading that Holmes and Watson could be gay lovers. Nothing of that sort, apparently, and this show tries to dispell that notion by allowing Holmes to engage in flirty, sexually charged banter with their bomb-building client. Well, she's no bombshell, but no man would say no to a booty call.

"Well, Watson isn't into ménage à trois."

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