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Elementary. Episode 9: "You Do It to Yourself"


Feng shui, gambling, and illicit love all come together in this episode. The thing I noticed about this series is that each episode is a stand-alone episode, and yet there doesn't seem to be any recognizable character development thus far into the season. In short, there doesn't seem to be an overarching season narrative. Possibly still unsure of a full second season? I don't know. Maybe.

"I still don't know where this series is going."

Also great to see Watson trying her hand at solving cases, where she saves an innocent ex from jail time. And by "ex", I don't mean "ex-client", but "ex-lover". But like I said in the previous review, I would very much like to see them solve stuff together. So far, Sherlock Holmes has monopolized the investigations, and Detective Bell actually plays a bigger role in the cases than Watson does.

"Watson, whatever happened to that Hispanic detective
from the pilot episode?"

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