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The Vampire Diaries. Season 4. Episode 8: "We'll Always Have Bourbon Street"

Now we know how Damon comes.

An entire episode dedicated to explaining sire bonds: The sire bond doesn't affect how you feel about someone, just how you act. A vampire sire bond isn't as easy to break, not like the hybrids' sire bond to Klaus. It only happens when a human has feelings for the one who turned her. And there's no spell to break it; Damon just has to let her go.

The look of desperation.

I can't even begin to tell you how repulsed I am about Stefan asking his big brother to hand him back his girl, that by technicality he's the right one for her. And Caroline is so closed-mindedly obsessed with controlling everyone's life to achieve what she thinks is good for others. It's not Damon's fault that Elena has human feelings for him, or that she had his blood in her when she had an accident, or that Stefan wasn't able to save her from drowning.

Yeah, right. Spirit tea? Pffft. Give Caroline a blood bag.

New kind of dark magic is on its way to Mystic Falls, courtesy of Professor Cutie Creepy. It's all going to be at Bonnie's expense. Imagine the kind of magic harnessed through 12 human sacrifices, what more through 12 hybrids? My dear Klaus might just be in trouble.

Has there been a white witch in the series, ever?

On other thoughts: It was nice to see Lexie. I love that Adina Porter is part of TVD, and as a witch at that. And I was also pleasantly surprised that a song I love from the Twilight soundtrack played while one of the hottest bed scenesif not, the hottestmade for TV was on.

Better lighting, the morning after sex has. 


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