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Doctor Who. Series 7 Christmas Special: "The Snowmen"


If you haven't watched a single episode of Doctor Who yet, or if you already consider yourself a Whovian and would like to turn on your friends to the show, then this episode is for you. This episode is Steven Moffat's Christmas gift to the human race, both Whovians and non-Whovians alike. That's because this episode has a lot of new stuff.

Such as same-sex-inter-species marriage.

New Opening Sequence
Hello, Doctor.

Say goodbye to the "TARDIS spinning through a wormhole" opening sequence, which modern Whovians will recognize as the only opening sequence since Russell T. Davies resurrected the show in 2005. Now everyone's favorite blue box can be seen hurtling through space amidst comets, planets, nebulae (is that the correct plural form?), and supernovae (I'm not sure about that one). You can also catch a very brief glimpse of Matt Smith's face in the opening sequence, which I think is something they used to do in the old show. And the sequence ends with the opening of the TARDIS doors. And speaking of TARDIS...

New TARDIS interior
But I kind of miss the old interior.

The interior looks more space-y, or more modern. Whereas the old interior looked more steampunk with earthy colors, this one looks more like a proper sci-fi ship, with its metallic color scheme, making the entire ship, in the words of Clara, "smaller on the outside." And speaking of Clara...

New Companion
We can't wait 'till April, BBC.

Jenna-Louise Coleman may not be as gorgeous and sexy as her predecessor Karen Gillan, but she is still cute nevertheless. She is way shorter than the Doctor, but probably ten times feistier, which would create a very interesting dynamic between the Doctor and his companion. So just who is this Clara Oswin Oswald who likes baking soufflé? It's clear that she is the same character from "Asylum of the Daleks", but just how this new companion's story arc will play out, only Steven Moffat knows.

Watch this for alien comic relief, the brilliant writing, the Game of Thrones and Sherlock references, and for Sir Ian McKellen's voice.

"Can you say, 'You shall not pass'?"

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You're biased for Karen (her legs, especially, I assume). Jenna is sexy and gorgeous as she is. And her character isn't exactly the same as in the "Asylum..."--well, not exactly. And I'm excited to find out. I'm not sure I liked Matt's face in the new opening sequence; it was kind weird and spooky. TARDIS reminds me of the gray-blue family computers of the 80s--not complaining about that though. Hehe. And Sir Ian McKellen FTW! ;)

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