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The Vampire Diaries. Season 4. Episode 9: "O Come, All Ye Faithful"

Not naked this time, huh.

I officially hate Caroline for meddling and divulging information she is not supposed to and even swore not to, all because she doesn't like Damon. He did what he had promised to do, just not as immediately as expected—but still, he set Elena free from the sire bond. If only she could've shut her mouth, then the Salvatore brother bond wouldn't be as broken as it is now (not that the bond wasn't cracked already).

Are you two happy now?
Christmas song background for slaughter is swag.

I know Klaus will always be a villain no matter what. But as I've said before, he still has some of his humanity in him and is just trying to cope. I'm suddenly reminded of what Rebekah said sometime in Season 3, that everything he does is to not be alone.

RIP Mayor Carol Lockwood. 

I would've wanted Tyler to have died and not his mom. He's alone and it's never good when a person, let alone a hybrid, has nothing to lose. He's just like Klaus now; no one to connect with, except maybe for Caroline, which might not be that solid right now. Haley should be his first kill─not that I want Haley to die.

"I'm Silas incarnated!"

Twelve humans burned and sacrificed. Twelve hybrids killed and sacrificed. And I bet everyone in Mystic Falls will be playing a pawn (unwillingly or otherwise) in his evil plan that will probably play out through the rest of the season. So, why is Professor Cutie Creepy so interested in the cure?

P.S. It was hard not to notice that hard bod Jeremy flashed.


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