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American Icons: Elizabeth Taylor

Also president of the exclusive Violet Eyes Club.

Liz Taylor was not really part of my generation. I mean, who knows how many Liz Taylor movies I've watched? I don't even remember, and I don't want to waste time thinking about it. But here's some things I do know about Liz Taylor.

  • She has violet eyes. Well, no, not really. She has deep blue eyes that border on violet. But true violet eyes only appear in albinos, and as far as I know, Liz Taylor is no albino.
  • She was damn pretty. Eight marriages. That'd be like having some guys circling your life like vultures, waiting for that unfortunate slip-up that'll lead to a divorce, and then bam!
  • She's a Dame. Or a Dame Commander of the British Empire. Putting her at par with Dame Judi Dench, and is one rank higher than Sir Elton John and Sir Ian McKellen.
  • She won the Academy Award for Best Actress. Twice. So she's not just a pretty face.
  • She was close friends with Michael Jackson. And now they're in a better place, where violet eyes and white (formerly brown) skin no longer matters.

Also, the reason this obituary took too long to write was because I was waiting for the fortieth day of her death. Which happened to be two days ago. Boo.

Dame Elizabeth Rosemund "Liz" Taylor. 27 February 1932 - 23 March 2011.

*pic from Heart Celebs


The only one I saw (and this doesn't really even count) was a Flintstones movie where she played Wilma's mom.

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