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Game of Thrones. Episode 7: "You Win or You Die"

First thing's first: This episode has the best girl-on-girl action so far.

As if showing some fruit would give it a PG-13.

And finally. The Game of Thrones has begun. Coincidentally, this is also the episode where the words "Game of Thrones" are spoken by a character.

And this is what you need to play the Game of Thrones:

Four Kings

Technically, three and a half.

Three Knights

Old. Young. And in-between.

Two Queens

Left: Beauty. Right: Bitch.

and One Knave

This guy really reminds me of Edward Norton.

We lose one more major character here. Also, because of Jason Momoa's excellent delivery of his declaration of war, Dothraki is now the new Elven.

*pics from VLC


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