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Because StingLacson called me out for being a Chris Hemsworth fangirl, here's my review of Thor.

I'm team DC so not only do I know close to nothing about the Marvel universe, I am also not particularly interested in it. Truthfully , the only reason I went out to see Thor was because I wanted to see what Natalie Portman's been doing after her Oscar win.

But surprise, surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed Thor. I enjoyed it better than the first Iron Man movie, which up to now I consider one of the best superhero movies so far. (No, I do not like Christopher Nolan's Batman. See, I'm not biased against Marvel. I did hate Iron Man 2 though, so I guess they're even.)

My first and last encounter with Thor was in one of the Avengers animated movies which had him on a boat trying to stop some whalers. So, kudos to Chris Hemsworth for owning the role and making it totally badass.

Mmm, yeah. Gif totally necessary.

I also really, really liked Tom Hiddleston as Loki. He was subtle and awesome and looked a little like Steve from Blue's Clues. I read somewhere that he initially tried out for Thor. I'm glad he didn't get that part. He was perfection as Loki.

We've come to a point in movies where talking about the special effects has started to become redundant, but I liked how they rendered Asgard, particularly the Bifrost. Still rainbow-y without being My Little Pony.

This didn't feel as fleshed out as it could have been, but it did succeed in one critical aspect─I totally want to go watch The Avengers now. Forget the Captain America movie, bring on the Avengers!

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Hoy, excuse me, Gab... I did not "call you out". I actually pimped your Tumblr. Haha.

Teluete said...

Ay, sorry naman. Hahahahaha! XD

nice gif. luvet

Yup, totally necessary GIF. Hehe.

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