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The Vampire Diaries. Season 2, Episode 4: Memory Lane

I'm not fond of the washed-out color they used with the flashbacks. They didn't need it then, and they absolutely didn't need it now. It would have been pretty fun, actually, if they used one type of color and captivated the audience with having to follow flashbacks and present time scenes going back and forth.

And yes, it's fun seeing Nina Dobrev playing bratty, flirty, and pouty Katherine, but... God! Is every main character in love?! Seriously. I don't know about the book this was based on but I know that the writers probably wanted to paint the villains as sympathetic and probably make them not look like your stereotypical antagonists. But if all your main characters are pathetically in love with each other, what would be the point? They should have called it "Love Screws All Our Lives."

Without that context, however, the last scene wherein they played Sara Bareilles' song would have been perfect. And the opening scenes on who's who and history repeating itself just never gets old.


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