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The Social Network

By mumblingmaya
Fri 5 Nov 2010, ~11:00

The movie starts with flashbacks that interject with the literal narrative of two federal cases filed against Mark Zuckerberg by the Winklevoss twins and by his former(?) best friend Eduardo Saverin.

This can be a little confusing since in one of the flashbacks, we see Mark Zuckerberg being tried by Harvard's disciplanary committee for hacking into their system and creating FaceMash, so people might think there are three cases there.

I also found that full-circle moment in the end about Mark Zuckerberg's being an asshole cheesy.

Justin Timberlake was suprisingly good, meaning I didn't expect him to do well in this film. But he succeeded in making me despise Sean Jay Parker. Shout outs to Brenda Song for transitioning from The Disney Channel, even though her role was insignificant, if not derogatory.

I saw this with a computer programmer friend and he was having a geekgasm the whole time. I'll admit that the SMO person in me geekgasmed as well. But mostly, I loved the Winklevoss twins' 1990's references that really say, "Generation Y, I'm talking to you," and Andrew Garfield's cuteness, and Aaron Sorkin's writing. And yes, the soundtrack is killer.

Sting Lacson's review after the jump


By Sting Lacson

Mazzello: Hey, check out this chick. Eisenberg: Dude, that's my sister.

This is a movie about Facebook. Not MySpace or Friendster, which are the predecessors of social networking sites. And quite frankly, I found it jarrring to hear the word "Friendster" spoken from an American mouth. I thought Friendster was a Filipino invention. Just kidding.

Great movie, but only because it was directed by David Fincher, and because the subject matter is something everyone can relate to (if you can't relate to a movie about Facebook, please come out of that rock you're living under). Pacing was just right, the conflicts well-established, and the characterizations were so effective, you'd hate Justin Timberlake by just watching him smile in his evil Napster devil grin.

I would've wanted to do a review which looks like a Facebook Wall, but it would take me some time to Photoshop, so I'll just make it look like some Facebook statuses (or stati).

Jesse Eisenberg can't believe that some people thought I was Michael Cera. I am sooo not Michael Cera.

Andrew Garfield is still the best-dressed actor in this movie. Hell yeah!

Jesse Eisenberg is upset that he didn't get to kiss Rooney Mara.

Andrew Garfield is upset that he didn't get to kiss Rooney Mara.

Rooney Mara What, you guys think I wanted to kiss you? I wanted to kiss Armie Winklevoss!

Michael Cera Hey, why's my name in here? I'm not even in this movie.

Justin Timberlake Can't wait for that Oscar nomination for my performance as Sean Parker! Mr. Napster himself!

Rooney Mara Don't be so full of yourself, JT. Your character's despicable, and you as an actor are despicable. That's why you're doubly despicable.

Armie Hammer Hey Rooney, it's "Hammer", not "Winklevoss". Although I really like the name "Winklevoss". Sounds pretty aristocratic.

Armie Hammer feels aristocratic. Doubly so because I play twins.

Rooney Mara Hey aristocratic Hammer, are you related to MC Hammer?

Armie Hammer WTF?! Are you related to Wayne Rooney from Manchester United?

Justin Timberlake likes Trent Reznor's music.

Joseph Mazzello is upset that people still refer to me as the Jurassic Park kid. Hello, I already did The Pacific.

I wish all reviews were this fun to write. Since the theme of the movie was Facebook, I couldn't pass up the chance to do the review like this.

*some info from IMDb
pics from Armie Hammer, Snarkerati, Reel Movie News, The Cinema Source, American Songwriter, Gawker, and Max Updates
main pic from allmoviephoto.com

The Social Network. USA. 2010.

Rating: Eight out of ten.


Hey! I didn't know that JT likes Nine Inch Nails?!

LOL at "Mike Serra"...

Hindi, 'yung soundtrack kasi ng The Social Network ay gawa ni Trent Reznor hehe.

Claire said...

Hindi ko alam kung bakit ako sobrang natawa sa Napster. :P

Natawa sa movie, or natawa sa review? :-D

Hooray for Andrew Garfield's HOTness! Hehe...

Unknown said...

I love this, Xenia!

@Hanah, thanks. You were a beautiful audience/reader!

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