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Tall Story by Candy Gourlay

Don't be fooled by how the Philippines version of Tall Story looks like. It is not a cheesy, corny, boring textbook with the simple and-now-we-have-your-moral-lesson tale. I don't know how the UK version looks like, but this one, I don't know how or why (is it the materials? is it the art?), it's just something that I felt shouldn't have looked like this.

That aside, Tall Story is as funny and as heartwarming as others say it is. It manages to concoct up a tale of two different cultures without having to resort to exoticizing the Philippines. Sure, the novel presents a land of superstition but the author managed to tell it in a way that does not demean nor glorify. It's just the way it is. Magic can be reality. Magic is reality.

Tall Story is a typical young adult (or do they call it tweens now?) novel where one of the protagonists has a past he or she has to resolve, while the other protagonist has to prove him or herself to the world because of some handicap or what society perceives as a handicap. All the while this is happening, they will form a bond stronger than ever. Everyone's happy, everyone's crying and smiling. And your heart will warm up.

So, in this case, there's nothing wrong with being typical, right?



Is this a Filipino book? Written by a Filipino writer? Why does it have a UK version?

@Sting Lacson, hullo! Let me answer this for you. Yep, it's a Filipino book written by Filipino writer named Candy Gourlay. It has a UK edition because she's based in the UK and she got a book deal there first.

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