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The Vampire Diaries. Season 2, Episode 5: Kill or Be Killed

I think Stefan is the real evil vampire brother here. Yes, he's struggling with evil and trying to be good and all that drill, but who made him the boss of everyone? When did he become the one who decides whether a vampire or a werewolf should be killed or not? At least Damon admits he's the devil. Stefan acts as if he's all high and mighty. I don't hate Stefan, but I understand why Damon does. And Elena should reprimand him. If she stopped Bonnie from killing Damon because it's not "their way," why shouldn't she get angry at Stefan for deciding to kill a werewolf just because this werewolf is a threat (among other beings he had to decide who had to die)? I mean, Damon has killed nonchalantly every time something sets him off. He killed Stefan's vampire best friend. But nooooo! Of course, he wouldn't kill Damon. He's his brother. Pffft. I don't mind him not killing Damon but he really shouldn't get all high and mighty, and get the I-feel-for-people-huhu-I-am-so-human-trapped-inside-this-vampire-body label.

That rant over, Caroline kicked ass. Yay! And Caroline-Mother interaction has always been priceless.


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